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We Have Acquired The Geek Talk!


- Toni Gemayel

We are pumped to announce that we have acquired TheGeekTalk. The geek talk has been on my radar since I was interviewed on the site back in 2010, and when the site went up for sale, I jumped at the chance. We have some big plans for the geek talk, but here are a few things you can expect in the next month or so.

A Brand New Design

While the geek talk is full of create content, we feel the design is lacking. We are going to revamp some of the UI, and make the site a bit friendlier on the eyes.

Updating Branding

We are going to work with our favorite logo designer on the planet to develop a new identity for the geek talk.

Interviews with more designers

We notice the site is a bit heavy on developer interviews. Wheres the designer love? You can expect to see a healthy ratio of both designers and developers from here on out.

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