Two Giraffes


Two Giraffes


- Toni Gemayel

Finally! Two Giraffes is freshly launched, but still needs some tweaks. Please report any bugs you find and bear with me over the next 48 hours while the polish is piled on!

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Everything looks great, awesome job.
The only thing that I noticed is Google Chrome adding an ugly orange border to your input fields, you can fix this using “input{ outline:0pt; }”.
Good luck :)

@Thomas thanks for the catch. We picked up a project of ridiculous scale the week after two giraffes new site launched. We have been putting in 10-12 hour days at the office 7 days a week, so there are some cross browser errors we still need to fix (like in IE, but if you know css, why would you be using IE? =P) Thanks for your eyes on that.

@Idil @Sarah Thanks for the kind words! We worked awfully hard to come up with something fresh, fun, and unique. Your feedback means alot!

On your main home page, the pictures on the wall are out of perspective and my eyes keep drawing to them. Otherwise everything looks amazing. I absolutely love all the illustrations!

Hey there, love the site. It’s utterly adorable!

However, when I went to click on the chiropractor link to look at the website you did, it wouldn’t work.

Great work on the design. Beautiful site!

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