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Mobile websites for foodblogs!

We just launched a new service at TwoGiraffes, mobile websites for food blogs! Our new mobile service integrates directly with the WordPress admin, making managing your mobile site headache free. We are super excited about our new service and are glad to be working with the food blogging community again.

How does this work?

Our new mobile service is easy to install. It integrates directly with wordpress and can be controlled through the control panel. It works with any wordpress theme, has automatic updates, and once we skin it to match your existing wordpress blog, setup is instant! Did we mention it worked on all smart phones?

Mobile Advertising

We built our mobile theme with advertising in mind. We allow you to run your custom google adcode, or third party ad service so you can profit off of your mobile readers!

For foodies, by foodies

Alright, so we are not exactly foodies, but we are really involved in the food blogging community. Dashing Dish, the site featured above, is run by the wife of our lead designer, Sean Farrell. We also run, an ad network for food blogs. Lastly, we are huge fans of the bloggers that empower the food blogging community, many of whom we had the pleasure of meeting at last years BlogHer food blogging conference!

How can I go mobile?

Head on over to our contact page and get in touch! We would love to talk to you!

Im Speaking At Wordcamp Miami!

Im happy to report Im speaking at my first Wordcamp! I was selected to speak at Wordcamp Orlando earlier this year, but it was postponed. I had put together some of my presentation already, so I was looking for a place to share my knowledge. Thankfully, Wordcamp Miami accepted me to come speak for their developer track. I’m extremely excited for this opportunity. I love WordPress. Ive contributed to its community and built 50+ websites using it as my platform as choice. Earlier this year, I had the honor of having one of my websites make it to the WordPress Showcase. With Two Giraffes being just over 6 months old, I look forward to continuing to give back to the WordPress community.

My Talk On WordPress Performance & Optimization

Web performance isnt about getting your web page to load in seconds anymore, its about milliseconds. As developers, we need to start re-evaluating the current emphasis we put on load times. With advancements on the mobile front, Google’s emphasis on load times for SEO, and the general commitment to your users, you cant afford to be a second too slow. I will provide the tools you need, as well a concrete examples on minifying css & js files, the best caching techniques, reducing plugin lag, and server-side optimization.

Come Listen to Me Speak!

If you are a South Florida developer, or are looking for a good time to visit Miami (anytime is a good time, ask Lebron) you can find out more information about the event here. Check out the speaker track to see some of the other great developers speaking. I hope to see you there!