Two Giraffes

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We are a small development shop with lofty goals and a deadline orientated attitude. Combining our skills of creative design and clean, valid markup, Two Giraffes has provided engaging and results orientated web projects to great clients all over America. We work hard to provide refreshing, original ideas for humans and even harder at producing beautiful code that is easy to maintain, read, and is written properly. Two Giraffes is currently accepting new projects for 2010, let’s build something together.

Toni Gemayel – Front end web developer, #1 Giraffe

Two Giraffes is the brainchild of Toni Gemayel who runs the day to day at the Two Giraffes Zoo HQ. He is a front end web developer with a passion for happy clients, beautiful code, and Giraffes. At 6’4, Toni is one small Giraffe, and one tall human. He is also a writer, coder, wordpress maniac, open source evanglist, home brewer, speaker, pick up artist, social being, downhill longboarder, and music enthusiast. When he isn’t sitting behind his command center, you can usually find him hitting jumpers at a local gym, tinkering, sleeping, watching sports, or reading.

Sean Farrell – Strategic Partner, too short to be a Giraffe

Sean Farrell is an extremely talented graphic designer specializing in logo design, iphone & ipad development, branding, and web design/UI. He is also an all around great guy and great friend of Two Giraffes. In fact, if he wasn’t a tiny 5’8, this site might be called Three Giraffes. When Sean isn’t helping with Two Giraffes projects, he is usually busy running his own company. On the rare occasion he isnt designing, he is usually spending time with his lovely wife, watching avatar, or supporting his favorite professional athlete, Dwyane Wade.

TJ Weigel – Incredibly creative, Giraffe

TJ Weigel is a creative being who makes ideas come to life. He is a multi-faceted graphic designer who can create just about anything, from beautiful print work to stunning UI design. He hopes to one day talk Apple out of their boring square iOS icons. At 6’4, TJ helps make a strong case for Two Giraffes having the best web design basketball team in all the land. When he isnt sitting behind his shiny MacBook pro, you can find him beating up noobs on xbox, cooking, watching movies, or longboarding.